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The Philosophy of
The New Gnosis

The Dreamer
- Caspar David Friedrich -

"There is a wordless knowledge within the word."



The sacred scriptures or ‘holy word’ of all religious faiths are but human translations – more or less distorted – of a divine and wordless inner knowing within us all. This inner knowing was named with the Greek word gnosis. Gnosis is the very well-spring of inner knowing - free of symbols - from which all historic religions and their symbols have sprung, a knowing that unites individuals of all faiths.

‘Gnosticism’ is a word usually used to name a variety of early Christian sects, later deemed heretical, that sprang up in the first centuries after Christ and whose ‘gospels’ were made famous by their discovery at Nag Hammadi in Egypt. In essence however, gnosticism is nothing more or less than the unacknowledged world religion of all times - an underground spiritual tradition that has always rejected reliance on religious rites and symbols and instead affirmed "the wordless knowledge within the word" (Seth). Understood in this way, gnosticism is highly relevant to our own times - in order to "lead mankind behind the symbolism upon which religion has relied for centuries." (Seth). Hence the need to reaffirm the essence of gnostic spirituality in a new way suited to those times – the need for a ‘New Gnosis’.

Both atheism and theism conceive of God as a being. But any God that is conceived as a being, even a supreme being, is just one being among others – and thus not ‘God’ at all. God is not a being. Instead God is gnosis - a divine inner knowing that is the source of all beings and immanent within them all. Each human being is linked to God and to all other beings through this divine inner knowing - through gnosis.

New Gnostic theology transcends both theism and atheism, both of which conceive God as a being and are therefore a-gnostic in principle - denying the reality of God as divine knowing or gnosis. Both theism and atheism lead people to worship only symbols of their own inner knowing – spiritual or material - rather than helping them to affirm that knowing and to feel it as that which links them with the divine source of their own being and of all beings.

The New Gnosis is not only a new theology of gnosis but a revolutionary theo-political world outlook - rejecting the genocidal ‘God’ of the Old Testament, the blood-stained fundamentalisms of Christianity and Islam, the world dominance of global finance capital and its media, the spiritual ignorance of materialist science and the manipulation of the human being through genetic medicine. Its purpose is nothing less than a "world revolution of the soul" (Sloterdijk), one which kicks apart the structures of pre-modern religions, modern ‘science’, post-modern philosophy and market economics - subverting both the ‘New World Order’ of global materialism and its commercial sidekick, the superficial nostrums of ‘New Age’ spirituality.

The Goal of The New Gnosis is neither the fostering of a new communal faith nor the spiritual enlightenment of the individual alone. Instead its purpose is relational revolution - a healing transformation of relationships between individuals. The spiritual practices of The New Gnosis are a ‘yoga’ geared to this goal - allowing us to experience new depths of intimate spiritual soul-connectedness with other human beings.

The New Gnosis and its New Yoga go hand in hand - for inner knowing is also awareness of inner soul-connectedness to our own being and other beings. The New Gnosis is a new framework for the exoteric expression of inner or ‘esoteric’ knowing. Its ‘New Yoga’ is a new framework for the experiential deepening of gnosis or inner knowing – through direct inner connectedness to our own soul, the souls of others, the world soul and the soul world itself – the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Gospel of The New Gnosis restates the message of gnostic spirituality in a new way, proclaiming it as a path leading not just to spiritual ‘self-knowledge’ but to intimate knowledge of others. The Yoga of The New Gnosis is a whole new medium of gnostic spirituality, one that makes it possible for us to directly feel and sense the souls of other beings.

The New Gnosis and its New Yoga are also a New Science of the Soul - renting the veil that separates the sensory world or ‘Kingdom of Earth’ from the soul world or ‘Kingdom of Heaven’. Through this science we can come to know all the sensory qualities of things and people as the outer manifestation of inner soul qualities and of their inner soul body.

The New Science of Soul affirms the eternal and ever-changing reality of soul as the aware, unbounded and inexhaustible inwardness of the word, of the flesh - and of every body in space and time - from atoms and molecules, to animals and human beings, planets and stars. Bodyhood, quite simply, is condensed awareness. Condensed awareness forms our very flesh – our physical body. Expanded, it assumes the form of our own immortal body of awareness – our soul body.

Gnosis is not verbal knowledge but awareness condensed into bodily knowing. As ‘soul-science’, The New Gnosis is not founded on established bodies of knowledge but on gnosis itself - understood as condensed bodily knowing. It is this bodily knowing alone that can re-link us to our own soul and to its source in the divine knowing awareness that is God.

Peter Wilberg